We help you get focused insights with Horizon Advanced Systems’ Consulting arm.

Horizon's Consulting model is designed to quickly deliver action-oriented recommendations by leveraging our existing research. Our analyst consultants enter into projects with a deep, immediate understanding of your business environment and challenges which means faster, more cost-efficient results for you.

IT Professionals

We help IT professionals:

  • Align IT and business
  • Select a vendor
  • Compare best practices
  • Determine if outsourcing is warranted
  • Justify IT investments
  • Understand the economics of IT
  • Validate technology infrastructure

  • Marketing & Strategy Professionals

    We help marketing and strategy professionals with:

  • Competitive assessments
  • Consumer product strategy
  • Customer-facing technology choices
  • Online marketing
  • Website Reviews
  • Cross-channel Reviews
  • Client satisfaction and retention
  • Client satisfaction and retention. Benchmarking their banking customers' online activity

  • Technology Industry Professionals

    Horizon Consulting for technology providers helps:

  • Analyst Relations professionals drive success and influence in their organizations
  • Technology Sales Enablement professionals focus on solving your buyers' problems. For example, with ROI tools such as Forrester's Total Economic Impact
  • Technology Marketing professionals develop, execute, and measure winning marketing strategies and programs
  • Vendor Strategy professionals understand their competition and develop a road map for success

  • Our Vision statement

    To deliver the people, purpose, and performance that transform high-potential, people from good to great.

    Job Openings

    From developer to aspiring leaders, this is where opportunities are found & careers are made.