Analytics Services

The pace of business is getting faster. This means we have to make more decisions in the same amount of time. Thus, the pace at which we can develop and deliver analytics needs to increase.

The speed at which an analytics project can be executed is dependent on the speed at which the data to support it can be assembled.  Additionally, the effectiveness of the project depends on assembling the "right" data.

Many analytics projects fail because of the lack of that underlying data support. Creating a reusable data infrastructure that combines both structured and unstructured data to support cross-functional analytics is key to achieving success.

At Horizon Advanced Systems Inc., we understand the importance of establishing clear executable targets for analytics to ensure critical success. Our analytics framework helps to define in detail the data required to support your analytics needs. Our Analytics framework engagement with you will:

  • Quickly identify actionable data needs at a granular level
  • Evaluate the data availability
  • Identify projects that could be directly implemented given the current state of the data
  • Identify innovative data-oriented technology projects that will return high value to the business
  • Build a roadmap for a reusable analytics framework to persistently support the long-term needs of the enterprise

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