Application Development

The Horizon Advanced Systems Inc. application modernization service line lets clients harvest the value of their existing legacy applications, extending their useful lives while reducing cost and risk. In this way, we can help ease the challenge of diminishing product support and the reality that application or platform skills are increasingly less available in the marketplace today.

We also provide clients with greater application flexibility, supporting the growth that underpins high-performance businesses.


Horizon Advanced Systems Inc. application modernization solutions help companies address whether to migrate, replatform or remediate legacy applications. The outcome: added value from existing applications, reduced costs, limited business disruption, less chance of code rewrites and limited reliance on dwindling amount of trained support.

Our dedicated Testing Services business unit has a comprehensive solution portfolio comprising of Business models like Testing as Managed Services which assures measurable business outcomes through improved quality processes.

Client Successes

Horizon Advanced Systems Inc. has helped clients successfully transform their legacy systems powering their IT organization to support future business growth better.

Research and Insights

The ongoing Horizon Advanced Systems Inc. high performance business research initiative seeks to understand the characteristics that allow a select group of companies to outperform competitors over time. Our Application Modernization service line combines these insights with specialized methodology to give our clients the edge.

Job Openings

From developer to aspiring leaders, this is where opportunities are found & careers are made.